This Week

Opportunities This Week

Covid Update –  Worship in the sanctuary has been suspended.  See Pastor Bob’s message.  

Communion News!  Church Council has voted to offer Communion every Sunday.  Those who listen to the service in the parking lot will also receive communion.  Small cellophane enclosed cups with wine and a wafer are distributed to people listening to the service in their cars.

Those coming to the service can stay in their cars and listen via their FM radios. The service is being broadcast via a FM transmitter on 89.7 FM. 

You may also listen in via telephone or online using Zoom.  Please contact Chris at the church office or one of the members of the Church council for the phone number and other details. 

    • 8:30 AM  Online Adult Sunday school.   
    • 9:30 AM  Sunday School for the children via Zoom.  See Karen Ward.
    • 10:30 AM  Worship (see above.)

Facebook – The service is recorded and uploaded to St. Paul’s Facebook page after the service.  You can listen to previous services too!

Sunday,  11/1/20

November 1 is All Saints Day. Over the last year we lost five members of our church. Five candles were lit in remembrance. This year has been a difficult year for our country. We remember the many that have been lost. We also remember the family, friends, and others that we have known in our personal lives who have gone before us.

All Saints Day Service
On November 1, 2020 St. Paul’s celebrated All Saints Day. We remember the five members of the church that passed in the last year.


Tuesday, 11/3/20

  • 7:00 – 7:30 PM

On Tuesday’s of each week Pastor Bob will continue a Prayer and Study session called Sunday Preview on Facebook Live. It will will be held from 7:00 to 7:30 PM and will be a time to reflect on the past week’s sermon and pastor’s first thoughts on the lessons for the following Sunday. The time together will close with a time for prayer.

Friday, 11/6/20

  • 10:00 – 12:00 AM

The Fresh Food Distribution will take place at All Occassions. 

Sunday 11/8/20

Since there has been an uptick in Covid cases, services in the sanctuary has been suspended.  You can listen via your FM radio from the church parking lot.   You can also listen online using Zoom.   It is easy to join the meeting using your computer, smart phone, or plain land line.  Please contact Chris Seiter at the Church Office or Paul Beineke for connection details. 

      • 8:30 AM  You can also attend the adult Sunday School class via Zoom or by phone.
      • 9:30 AM  Sunday School for the children via Zoom.  See Karen Ward.
      • 10:30 AM.  Attend the worship service  in your car in the church parking lot, or online using Zoom or by phone.  The service is recorded and posted to Facebook.  Just go to St. Paul’s Facebook page.  After 12:00 PM.
Communion bread and wine.
Holy Communion is celebrated on every Sunday.

Tuesday, 11/10/20

  • 9:30 AM Deborah Circle – Barbara Seitter will lead the Bible Study, “Holy Future – Remembering the Time to Come. ” Esther Levering is in charge of the worship offering. All women are welcome!
  • 5:00 – 6:30 PM Our Drive-thru Neighborhood Supper continues. A warm, delicious meal will be provided free of charge to take home. Sign up is available on the Family Board to work at the neighborhood supper and/or donate brownies.