Welcome to St. Paul’s!

Covid Update – Our first service in the sanctuary since the Covid outbreak took place on June 21. Social distancing protocols were in place and will continue. You are welcome to attend future services in the sanctuary. We are also broadcasting to cars in the church parking lot via FM radio and you can attend via Zoom! Church Services for the summer will start at 10:00 AM. Adult Sunday School will start at 9:00 AM. Children’s Sunday School will not be held for the summer.

The Reverend Robert Ohrstedt has been hired to become our interim pastor through the end of the year.

Reverend Robert Ohrstedt
The Reverend Robert Ohrstedt will be our interim pastor for the time being until a permanent pastor can be found.

Paul Beineke writes: …

The safety committee has a seating plan which can accommodate about 70 depending on the size of family groups. Expect one way hallways through the church building, please follow the deacon’s and ushers routing. A service of the word … is planned to limit your total time in the building to less than one hour. Upon the conclusion they will dismiss families individually. Please save your conversations for the parking lot. If you are not comfortable in the sanctuary, seating with safe distancing will be available in the education wing and the service will be repeated on the TV. If you are not comfortable or able to join us in the building I will have the audio portion available in the parking lot (just like the past 3 weeks) on FM 87.9. The service will also be live streamed on Zoom so you can watch from anywhere. The final option will involve recording the service and posting to our Facebook.

The Fresh Produce Distribution will NOT take place until the first Friday in August.

Contact Chris Seiter at the Church Office for Zoom connection details. You can attend via computer, smart phone, or phone. Members of the church should have received a letter with the information.

The Elders, Jim Wellhausen and Linda Lovell are providing assistance. If you have a concern, problem, or prayer request, they have a ready ear and are just a phone call away.

Our prayer chain is ready for prayer requests. Again contact the Elders, or Chris Seiter.

Philippians 4:6  “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

We pray that everyone comes through the present crisis unscathed. Please say some extra prayers and lend a (virtual) helping hand to those around you. While life has been turned upside down, each of us has faced far worse in our personal lives. The only difference now is that we all are facing the same crisis together at the same time. Take this time to study your Bible. Pray! Steady those who are unsteady. Reassure those who are scared. At some point this crisis will be over. God is with us! May God smile on you this and every day! He is holding you in His Hand. Someday we will meet together again and rejoice!

July – September Portals of Prayer are available to pick up at the church. They are located between the back doors of the building.

You can get up-to-date information on our congregation from our Facebook page too.

ELCA Bishop, Daniel Beaudoin, has a short homily available on Youtube about the Corona virus crisis.

Pastor Sarah Schaaf has been called to serve as the Director for Community Engagement for the the Northwestern Ohio Synod. Her last Sunday in worship was on February 9th. Pastor Sarah sent a letter to the congregation on January 14th after informing Church Council at a meeting on the evening of the 13th. Her service to the congregation at St. Paul’s has been highly valued. Her gifts of compassion, enthusiasm, caring, and love have always been on display whether she was preaching, teaching, starting the Fresh Food Distribution; working with the youth; or calling on those in need. Her gifts will serve her and the synod well in her new position. While we will greatly miss Pastor Sarah, we give her our enthusiastic blessing and wish her the very best as she serves God in a new position. Pastor Sarah’s last Sunday with us was on February 7th.

For upcoming events and dates see This Week!

Pastor Sarah Schaaf Announces move to new Northwestern Synod position.

Pastor Sarah Schaaf
Pastor Sarah Schaaf has announced that she will be taking a newly created position as Director of Community Engagement for the Northwestern Ohio Synod.

Pastor Sarah accepts position as Director of Community Engagement for the Northwestern Ohio Synod.

Pastor Sarah thanks on her 10th anniversary with the Congregation.

Todd Ward has just completed his training as an Assisting Minister. Todd is also a Deacon at St. Paul’s.

Todd Ward Assisting Minister
Todd Ward has just completed his training as an Assisting Minister. Todd is also a Deacon at St. Paul’s.

Thanks for visiting us online.  Please take a few moments to explore some of the ministries of our church community.  Nestled in the village of Waldo, Ohio, we gather across generations to worship, learn, encourage, serve, and share the story of God’s gracious love.  If you are looking for a welcoming community where your faith can grow in fellowship with others, come join us!

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Waldo, Ohio

Covid Update – On June 14, 2020 at 10:00 AM a parking lot service will be held in the Church Parking Lot. Those attending will stay in their cars and listen via FM Radio. Paul Beineke writes: On Sunday June 14th we will have another parking lot service led by Pastor Robert Ohrstedt at 10am (NEW TIME). The service will also be shared on zoom for those who wish to participate from a distance. We will continue to use frequency FM 87.9 for your radio. If you would like to attend Adult Bible class you can join us in the parking lot at 9:00 AM on Sunday. You can also attend via Zoom or by phone through Zoom.

Please use this circumstance to study your Bible. Pray. Lend a helping hand to those around you. Help reassure those who need reassurance. Steady the unsteady. All of us have faced far worse crises in our personal lives. The only difference is that now we face the same grave crisis at the same time – together. God is with us! May he smile on you today and every day. God is holding you in His Hand.

At some point this crisis will be over. We will meet again and rejoice!