Servants of The Lord

Asterisk indicates member of the Church Council.

Angel Ringers:  Kelly Talley

Kelley Talley – Director of Angel Ringers

Church Secretary:  Chris Seiter

Chris Seiter, Church Secretary

*Sunday School Superintendent:  Paul Beineke

Paul Beineke
Paul Beineke Sunday School Superintendent.

Backup Sunday School Superintendent: Sue Swihart

Jr. Sunday School Co-Superintendents:  Traci Harris & Karen McCurdy

Sunday School Co-Secretary/Treasurer:  Abby Crabtree & Donna Barkley

Custodian:  Donna Barkley

Donna Barkley


  • Chuck Buck
Chuck Buck
Chuck Buck, Deacon.
  • Bill Lichtenberger
Bill Lichtenberger
  • Larry Reiff

Larry Reiff

  • Todd Ward
Todd Ward Assisting Minister
Todd Ward has just completed his training as an Assisting Minister. Todd is also a Deacon at St. Paul’s.
  • David Weichenthal
David Weichenthal


  • Linda Lovell
Elder Linda Lovell
Elder Linda Lovell
  • Jim Wellhausen
Jim Wellhausen teaches Yoga every Monday at 6:00 PM
Jim Wellhausen

*Financial Secretary:  Jackie Price

Handbell Choir Director:  Esther Levering

Esther Levering

*Recording Secretary:  Angie Griffith

Angie Griffith
Angie Griffith the Recording Secretary for Church Council.

Organists & Pianists:

  • Marilyn Harty
  • Esther Levering
  • Debbie McEntire
  • Linda Oehler

Praise Band:  Linda Oehler

Linda Oehler

*President:  Cheryl Wickersham

Cheryl Wickersham
Cheryl Wickersham, President of St. Pauls Lutheran Church.

Senior Choir Director:  Esther Levering

Senior Choir Director - Esther Levering
Senior Choir Director – Esther Levering

Senior Bells:  Esther Levering

Senior Bells Director - Esther Levering
Senior Bells Director – Esther Levering

*Treasurer:  Penny Ward

Penny Ward
Penny Ward, Treasurer.


  • Greg Price
  • Bob Wolf
  • John Wasserbeck

*Vice President:  Harry Klingel

*WELCA President:  Esther Levering