Deborah Circle

The Women of St. Paul’s, WELCA, meet in the fellowship room on the second Tuesday of  each month for Bible Study.  Any woman member of the church or interested non-member is welcome to come for study, sharing, and fellowship for an hour or so.

A Lutheran Women monthly publication called GATHER has a Bible Study included in each issue which we use for our Bible Study.  This magazine also has articles written by Lutheran women about subjects interesting to women in their everyday life.

The first quarter of 2019 Bible Studies are called Meetings with Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of John.  These studies are presented to help us focus on the scriptures purpose to connect our lives to Jesus as he encountered people of that time.

We invite all women to our informal study of God’s Word in the scriptures.  There are no requirements as length of time in previous Bible Studies nor do we pressure anyone to speak out.  We are learning together.

The Church Bible Study meets the second Tuesday of every month unless specified at 9:30 AM.

See  Margaret Heimlich  Mission Growth Chairwoman for more information.

Please come!

Margaret Heimlich - Mission Growth Chr.
Margaret Heimlich – Mission Growth Chr.