Lenten Service

On April 10 Gary Crawford brought Simon of Cyrene alive. Simon had traveled from Cyrene in what is now Libya to Jerusalem. He was there to pray at the Temple. Roman soldiers pulled him out of the crowd and forced him to carry Jesus’ cross. We heard how that event effected Simon, what the crowds were like, and the effect Jesus had on Simon.

Gary Crawford as Simon of Cyrene
Gary Crawford as Simon of Cyrene. Simon was forced to carry Jesus’ cross. Gary brought the man, and the experience, alive.

Pastor Sarah Schaaf portrayed Mary of Bethany on April 3. Mary of Bethany was the sister of Lazarus. Mary poured perfume (nard) on Jesus’ feet and then wiped his feet with her hair. Pastor Sarah brought Mary to life and gave us a better grasp of Mary’s place in the Bible.

Pastor Sarah Schaaf portrays Mary of Bethany, the sister of Lazarus and Martha.

Peter was the second character brought to life for the Lenten Service.

Kevin Emigh gave a moving portrayal of Peter, Peter’s first meeting with Christ as well as Peter’s betrayal.

On March 27 at the Lenten Service, Kevin Emigh portrayed Peter.

We also had a delicious meal beforehand. The theme for the Lenten season is Gathered Around the Cross

At the Lenten service those attending may pray and if they wish, light a candle to represent their prayers for those in need of God’s help.