Church Opening Update

From Cheryl Wickerksham, President of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, on June 3, 2020

Good afternoon everyone!  

The safety committee and Paul tested bluetooth FM technology in the parking lot last evening.  We were able to hear over a FM radio channel just about anywhere in the parking lot.  Therefore we are proceeding with a parking lot service at noon on Sunday June 7.  The remaining Sundays in June, the service will be at 10:00.

Pastor Adam has arranged for Pastor Robert Ohrsted to serve as supply pastor for the month of June.  This morning I received an email from Sherry Krieger in the Northwest Ohio Synod Office stating that she has been in contact with the Southern Ohio Synod and Pastor Ohrstedt is available to serve in a more regular capacity during our transition period.  I spoke with him today and he is going to think about what that capacity may be (just supply on Sunday mornings, an interim, or something in between).  We are going to talk further following worship on Sunday.  You are welcome to participate in the discussion if you would like.

Pastor Ed Hunker will be attending our June 18 Council meeting to discuss the call process.  He would like for the call committee to be present.  Please forward me your recommendations/nominations for the call committee and I will appoint the committee prior to the Council meeting.  

Part of the call process includes healthy congregation workshops.  Pastor Hunker asked David Wolfe from Hope Lutheran in Bucyrus to reach out to me regarding the workshop.  Harry, Paul, and I are meeting with Dave next week to learn more about the workshops and what is required.  We will update you at the Council meeting.

Peace, Cheryl