Bible Reading Program 2019

All of us have said at one time or another that we should read the Bible from cover to cover.  Most of us never do.  We hear bits and pieces every Sunday or in our reading, but we miss the full context of the passages we hear and study.  The Northwestern Ohio Synod of the ELCA is promoting the Daily Bible Reading Program for 2019.  Starting on January 1, 2019 with Genesis and ending on December 31 with Revelation, there are passages to read for each day of the year.  This breaks down the Bible into daily manageable segments that we can ponder and digest easily.  At the end we can say we have accomplished a life-long goal.  Plus there will be, no doubt, surprises along the way.  Each of us will have a deeper understanding of the Bible, our Faith, and God’s Word and Actions.  The Bible is a book which has shaped human history like none other.  Join us in our exploration!

Below is a link to a PDF with each suggested reading for each day of the year, broken up into 365 parts.  Feel free to start with today’s reading if you have not started it from the beginning of the year.

Daily Bible Reading Plan

You can also get more information from the Northwest Synod website:  Daily Reading Plan.